Here at Harvest Baptist Church we have many things designed to meet the needs of our adults. We know that you can find a place to call home here at Harvest Baptist Church.

Ladies Bible Study


A couple times a year we have a ladies Bible Study that meets on Tuesday mornings.  This Bible study is led by Sarah Thornton.  Please check back to find out when the next Bible study will begin.

Saints Alive


Saints Alive is our ministry focused on our senior adults.  This ministry includes events and trips with the idea to develop fellowship within our senior adult community.  Please check back with us for the latest information.

Bible Fellowship Groups


Every Sunday morning at 9:00, 9:30 and 10:15am we have several Bible Fellowship Groups aimed at meeting the needs of our adults here at Harvest Baptist Church.  We have groups aimed at all age groups so come and find one that fit you. 

Here is a list of all our Bible Fellowship Groups:


The Builders - taught by Ron Steele - Ages 40s-80s - Education Building
B.A.S.I.C.S. - taught by Walter Webster - Ages 50s-80s - Lighthouse
Ladies Class - taught by Francis Morris - Ages 40s-60s - Education Building
Seniors Class - taught by John Pride - Ages 60-90s - Education Building


The Samaritans - taught by Dave Winstead - Ages 60s-90s - Education Building


The Seekers - taught by Brad Kennedy - Ages 30s-60s - Basement
Salt and Light - taught by Keith Hunter - Ages 40s-60s - Education Building
Daniel Webster's Class - Ages 20s-50s - Basement
Steve Kennedy's Class - Ages 50s-70s - Lighthouse
Dave Wood's Class - Ages 20s-50s - Basement
Tim Clever's Class - Ages 20s-50s - Basement
Paul Byrd's Class - Ages 40s-70s - Basement
Brad Melton's Class - Ages 30s-50s - Basement