Spiritual Gifts


All of us have experienced receiving a gift that we didn't know what to do with. We would rather receive gifts that are both a heartfelt gesture and truly beneficial to us. There is a gift that truly fits that. It's not a gift you have to request or put on a wish list. In fact, it's a gift you've already received. It's a spiritual gift.

If you know exactly how God has gifted you and you're actively using those gifts in your ministry — great. For the rest of us though ... If you're not sure how God has gifted you or how you can use your gift in ministry, you're not alone. The following "Spiritual Gifts Test" will help you discover how God has gifted you. 

In this exercise booklet you will find 136 different statements. Please read each statement as though you were making it yourself. Each answer is associated with a numerical value. After reading the statement please rate it by the following criteria and enter the corresponding number on your answer sheet.



Spiritual Gifts Assesment - ReFocus.pdf